brief list of works

2009/10 Apartment construction from shell and fit-out/furniture, Berlin

2009 Workshop design and fit-out/furniture, London


2008 Apartment design, Berlin

2008 LightTangle, lighting installations in two shops, London

2007/8 Eco, (Chiswick) restaurant fit-out/furniture, London

2006/7 Eco, (Chiswick) restaurant design, London


2005 House design for Marbella, Spain.

2005 Workshop design and fit-out/furniture, London.


2004 Esca café/deli’ full concept design and fit-out/furniture, London.

2004 British Museum concept design for staff canteen, London.


2003 Workshop design and fit-out/furniture, London

2003 Apartment design and re-build/fit-out/furniture.


2002 Restaurant concept and design consultancy work.

2002 Design and re-build/fit-out two private apartments.


2001 Zetz chair design and production.

2001 House-extension design.

2001 Restaurant concept and scheme design consultancy.

2001 Private house re-design and full re-build/extension/fit-out, London


2000 Restaurant consultancy, concept and scheme design, London 

2000 Apartment design and build/fit-out from shell, London

2000 Rhodes & Mann, art gallery, full architectural design 

1999 Putsch beerhall concept, business plan, scheme design and start-up, London

(as director and partner)

1998/9 John Charlick café partial re-fit and staircase,  London

1998 No Picnic group show at Crafts Council Gallery, London


1997 Eco (Brixton) re-design and fit-out/furniture, London

1997 zenzbench system at 100% Design,  London

1997 Furniture for John Charlick café,  London

1997 Tuba bar concept and architectural design and fit-out/furniture,  London

1996/7 Various private furniture and construction commissions


1995 Slam City Skates (shop) partial redesign and refit. London.

1994 Eco extension design and build, London.


1993 Eco restaurant original concept, design, build, fit-out and furniture , London.


1992 Nice restaurant design and fit-out/furniture , London.

1991/92 Belgo restaurant original concept, design and fit-out/furniture, London.


1990 Pineapple shop design and fit-out/furniture, London.

1990 Image and Object exhibition design and installation at Centre Pompidou, Paris.

1989/90 Casale Franco restaurant design and fit-out/furniture, London.

1989 Ceramica Blue shop design and fit-out/furniture , London.

1988 Melange restaurant redesign and fit-out/furniture , London.

1988 Slam City Skates shop design and fit-out/furniture, London.